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Dancesafe to host #WeLoveConsent Showcase, ft Ana Sia, Digital Ethos, Huxley Anne, Space Jesus, Yheti, & Zen Selekta

In light of the recent rape allegations made against Datsik, and the ensuing discussion about sexual assault within the electronic music community, non-profit awareness group Dancesafe is partnering with React Presents to host a #WeLoveConsent event. Their goal is to host several artists who want to garner support for a new movement rooted in awareness, education, and gender equality. The most prominent name on the bill is Space Jesus, who was initially implicated along with Datsik, though the focus quickly turned from him.

“We as artists find ourselves in a unique position to enact real change,” says Jasha Tull of Space Jesus, “Dance music culture is rooted in love and respect and we, especially as men, need to do our part to work with everyone within the community to stand by that. I’m really excited to do this show with a lot of good friends, and I’ve been working with my team to make sure that we pay attention to what we learn here and implement this knowledge in all future events.”

The special event takes the name of DanceSafe’s new program, whose mission is to dismantle rape culture and build a consent culture within the electronic music and nightlife communities. Before the show, all artists, venue staff, and members from artists’ management and agency teams will participate in bystander intervention training hosted by Good Night Out Vancouver, an organization dedicated to providing the nightlife industry with the capacity to respond to and prevent harassment and sexual assault when they think it may be happening. There will be also educational literature posted throughout the venue and distributed to participants.

“Regardless of where each one of us is in our understanding of consent, there’s always room for improvement,” states Kristin Karas, Director of Operations for DanceSafe. “If we remain humble and create space for our own growth, we have the opportunity to band together to dismantle rape culture and build a consent culture within our community.”

Given the recent surge in deliberative discussion around consent lately, the show arrives as a proactive and meaningful step towards addressing the issue of sexual assault in nightlife settings, specifically, and further acts as a refreshing launching pad toward enacting social change on a wider cultural scale. Real progress begins the top, with artists using their voices as platforms for change, and to see artists and promoters willing to take “the first plunge” is the first step toward effectuating real, concrete change. However, it is not the end all-be all; that is why all show proceeds will be donated to DanceSafe in support of #WeLoveConsent and its mission.

The event will take place at Magic Stick in Detroit, March 31, 2018. For more information, and to purchase tickets, click here.