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Burning Man co-founder Larry Harvey dies at 70

Larry Harvey, one of the original founders of Burning Man has passed away, according to a statement on the organization’s website from The Burning Man Project chief executive, Marian Goodell. Harvey had reportedly never recovered after suffering a major stroke.

“Our founder, friend and original instigator, Larry Harvey has passed away,” the statements reads.  “Larry suffered a massive stroke at his home on the morning of April 4. We resolutely held out for a miracle. If there was anyone tenacious, strong-willed and stubborn enough to come back from this challenge, it was Larry.”

“Larry was never one for labels, ” it continues. ” He didn’t fit a mold; he broke it with the way he lived his life. He was 100% authentic to his core. For all of us who knew or worked with him, he was a landscape gardener, a philosopher, a visionary, a wit, a writer, an inspiration, an instigator, a mentor, and at one point a taxi driver and a bike messenger. He was always a passionate advocate for our culture and principles that emanate from the Burning Man experience in the Black Rock Desert.”

Founded by Harvey and his friend and colleague Jerry James in 1986, Burning Man was imagined as “not a festival” but “a community,” and has manifested itself into a behemoth annual gathering. Harvey was 70 years old.

Photo: Maggie Hallahan