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New ODESZA radio interview reveals duo wants to take time off and focus on reinventing their sound

Right before their Outside Lands performance, ODESZA sat down with San Francisco’s on-air personality Dallas Osborn at ALT 105.3 this past weekend. While there, they discussed a range of topics, including the festival bubble burst, working with Leon Bridges in the past, and their goal of a Tame Impala collaboration in the future, and more.

The most poignant topic of discussion to emerge was that the Seattle-based duo was feeling the need to take time off to reinvent their sonic wheel house, despite having evolved their live shows into a full-fledged symphonic horns/drumline act. Clay Knight remarked during the interview,

“We’ve been thinking about new music. Not really a record. We’re kind of ready to reinvent ourselves again. Take time without a goal in mind & just try new music. The best stuff we’ve ever made was us just goofing around in a basement when we first met. We want to get back to that place, without pressure, and try to find sounds we really enjoy.” 

While the duo’s A Moment Apart album came out last year to much critical and fan acclaim, Harrison Mills said they weren’t “trying to reinvent the wheel” by any means. “It was really just about us pursuing our sound to the fullest,” he continued. As most ODESZA diehards might agree, taking some much-needed time away from the pressures of the road could be fruitful next step towards the group reaching their fullest artistic potential.

Read the full ODESZA interview here

H/T: Riverbeats, Via: Alt 105.3