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More potential rape allegations surround Space Jesus, raises questions over identity politics of the #MeToo movement

In 2018, several women came forth with publicly damning rape allegations that led to the indefinite end of Datsik’s career. As opening support on the Ninja Nation tour, Space Jesus became implicated in the incident not as a rapist, but as someone who was silently complicit of Datsik’s horrific acts.

Now, it seems a threat has been made to “expose” Space Jesus, aka Jasha Tull, from a woman who was kicked off the Ninja Nation tour bus. A go-go dancer who goes by the stage name Dia Las Vegas attempted to frame Tull as a sexual abuser. Apparently, Las Vegas posted a screenshot of Tull reaching out to her (which was later deleted) after he heared rumors that she was going to expose him.

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But wait: The story gets more convoluted. Dia Las Vegas is the former romantic partner of bleep bloop, who has learned of hers and Space Jesus’ two sexual encounters. As former close friends, the “ICHABOD CRANE” collaborators are now embroiled in a very public feud and potentially career-ending identity politics game.

There are some missing pieces, which will surely be filled in later, but Space Jesus wasn’t going to sit around and wait for rape allegations to come to light. With the help of his now-girlfriend and former tour supporter, Huxley Anne, Jasha Tull has penned a very personal detailed account of his and Dia Las Vegas’ consensual sexual relationship a few years ago.

Here at Consicous Electronic, we don’t typically care to get involved reporting rumor-mill “he said-she said” scandal. However, the account is critically important for how it raises serious questions over the #MeToo movement, particularly in the nasty game of becoming embroiled identity politics. At what point does society hold women accountable for making false accusations? And what is the ethical responsibility of a “woman who must call out another woman for abusing her power,” as Huxley Anne puts it.

The current incident is a landmark public case study, at least in the tiny microcosm of the EDM industry, for two reasons. One, it’s the first time a male has come forward to put out his story first. Second, Huxley Anne provides damning evidence against Dia Las Vegas, including text messages betwen the two parties, pointing to the former sexual relationship being consensual.

The story is still breaking, but based on the sensitive evidence presented here, Space Jesus and Huxley Anne could very well set a new precedent in the #MeToo movement. Up to this point, the two are certainly in control of framing the media narrative.

Read Huxley Anne’s detailed encounters with Dia Las Vegas, accusing her of harrassment, abuse, and slander.

Huxley Anne details first-person accounts of Dia Las Vegas cheating on bleep bloop at Bass Coast 2015 and Dia Las Vegas threatening her after a 2017 show in Portland, as well as texts illustrating how the sexual encounters between her and Jasha Tull were consensual.


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Huxley Anne alleges that Dia Las Vegas was on Datsik’s 2018 Ninja Nation tour, where she began sleeping with Datsik and was kicked off the tour bus. She also provides evidence of Dia Las Vegas cyberbullying another female industry professional the same year, calling Honeybee a “hate of sexually empowered women.”


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Finally, Huxley Anne turns the situation outwards onto the #MeToo movement. She makes a call to women to be accountable for their actions, including “manipulation through false accusations” and “abuse of power.”

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