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Supertask returns with another ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ livestream

Kyle Bishoff, known best under his Supertask moniker, has spent considerable time mastering his craft and taking things to a whole new level with his creativity. The pandemic has made this last year undeniably hard for everyone, but many artists, especially this Bishoff, have been transmuting their pain into crafting something truly beautiful.

Supertask previously hosted a one-of-a-kind psychedelic experience last year to celebrate Bicycle Day, on April 19, 2020. Over 200 hours were put into the making of it the “Choose Your Own Adventure” livestream. Fans had the ability to interact by voting on different choices over the course of those four hours, which ultimately allowed them to decide which direction the journey was headed in. A lot was learned along the way, and fans raved about the event for weeks afterward.. The livestream was listed on our Top 10 Live Streams of 2020 and was also featured in one of CE’s Midweek Manta Mixes where we highlighted eight takeaways from the life-changing stream.

A few months later, Supertask announced a hiatus after dealing with some personal hardships, with his version of Lapalux’s “Without You.” Shortly after, he reemerged briefly only to share another track, which couldn’t have come at a better time for many fans. Through Bishoff’s own personal healing, he was able to create something that helped many others heal as well. It only makes sense the track was titled “Healing” and instantly became a fan-favorite.

Now, Supertask is back and better than ever with another installment of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” livestream format, giving fans another chance to interact and be a part of the experience. Personalized keycards are available for purchase as tickets to the event, and can be found on the website that was just launched. Thanks to NFC Technology, those keycards will double as the ticket to the event and will also give those who purchase access to lots of exclusive content, simply by scanning them.

Be sure to purchase one of these unique keycards today to stay up to date with Supertask and be the first to know more about this livestream as well as other exciting upcoming information!

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