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Supertask announces hiatus with moody cover of Lapalux’s ‘Without You’

Here at CE, we’ve long been fans of Supertask (aka Kyle Bishoff) and his calming, low-fidelity line of powerful bass music. So much so that we included him in our Top 25 Consciously Attuned Artists shortlist. Lately, Bishoff has been doling out amazing interactive live streams and releases like “Corrupt,” which examines a citizenry’s tolerance of government corruption. Not to mention, his Lab Group live stream with Charlethefirst and Potions was one for the record books. Even in a time when live shows have dwindled and artists are scraping for income to continue their careers, Supertask appears to be on top of it all —at least on the surface.

Now Supertask has announced to his tight-knit fan community that he is going on somewhat of a hiatus. However, he is leaving them with one last message via Lapalux’s “Without You.” The song is somber in tone with Supertask’s signature sound and Lapalux’s torn lyricism that pronounces, “I do not want you to leave me / I do not want to leave you.” Likewise, the audio-visual accompaniment features Bishoff in slow-motion close-ups of his face grappling with the song’s somber message. It’s intensely vulnerable and authentic.

As the state of the world continues to decline, with a spiking pandemic, police brutality, and civil unrest, Supertask is using the song as a sort of cryptic announcement that he is not okay and that he needs to take some time to focus on his mental, physical, and emotional well being. “My personal life has become recurringly tragic and seemingly unbearable,” he said to fans in a deeply personal message.

Between his mother developing cancer, his recent split with his partner (who stared in his Bicycle Day stream), struggling to find permanent residence, and being temporarily dropped from Madison House due to the company’s current financial woes, Bishoff explains it all:

“My personal life has become recurringly tragic and seemingly unbearable… Obviously, the global pandemic, everyone’s safety, and especially now the unwarranted use of police forces across the board and civil unrest are far more tragic. But so far things this year have completely crushed me. I could go on and on about that, but ill keep my personal subjective tragedy to myself. The point is, I am not ok, and not ashamed to admit it. I am going to be taking a hiatus from the project for the time being.”

In the meantime, Bishoff says he will be using his resources to try to improve his quality of life to become “sufficiently stable to continue the project.” Although the world will surely see the return of Supertask, he is turning to music as his muse for coping with hard times.

Read Supertask’s full statement below.

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