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Supertask exposes a ‘Corrupt’ government in powerful new single

Kyle Bishoff is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to his Supertask moniker. Not only does the Oregon-based producer create his own music and visuals, he is also his own brand manager. He does all this in such a way that is substantive, meaningful, and resonant. In other words, when this guy speaks up, his fans listen. Such is the case with his newest single, titled “Corrupt,” which Bishoff only recently unloaded onto his committed fanbase.

Using the perfect blend of heavy and calm, engaging and introspective, and danceable yet meditative, the track actually comes along with an academic abstract and reads like a collegiate piece of scholarship. The title? “External Territorial Threats and Tolerance of Corruption: A Private/Government Distinction,” which asks: “What makes individuals tolerate government corruption? Can citizens tolerate government corruption but be intolerant of corrupt behavior in society?”

“I argue not all attitudes toward corruption are the same,” Supertask continues. “External territorial threats elicit a tolerance of government corruption since citizens allow for government corruption when they are concerned for their security.”

Supertask drives this point home with his powerful narrative, built around hip-hop lyrics and his signature sonic stamp. In addition to its lo-fi crackles, calming lowtempo, solfeggio tones, and heavy, undulating bass lines, the song’s lyrical rhymes purport some heavily philosophical notions: “You’re locked into a machine / Sometimes this feels like a dream,” “Take back your mind the agenda’s / Designed to blind your antenna,” and “I’m searching for justice / Don’t let destruction corrupt it.” Yeah, so heady to say the least. Not only does Supertask’s music continually urge us to think for ourselves and question, it reminds us of a side of bass music often overlooked, but frequently desired.

Also don’t forget to check out Supertask’s side project with CharlestheFirst and potions, Lab Group. They will be putting forth their “LG01MIX” on June 19, aka Juneteenth, to raise money for social justice, victims of police violence, and more.