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Jantsen unleashes blistering new ‘Gutter Juice’ EP on Circus Records

Known best for his hot collaborations with Bassnectar, Colorado-based producer Jantsen is back to prove he can hold his own solo with a brand new Gutter Juice EP. More than two years have passed since his last EP release, and Jantsen has been steadily working to release new singles throughout 2020 in a move to boost his discography. Gutter Juice is the sort of move that’s got the fervent, high-powered sound fans have come to love. His altered dubstep style and experimental instrumentation, combined with talented vocal work and sampling, make this latest project one perfect for being spun on the decks. 

Gutter Juice opens with his only original track on the project, “Jiggle,” featuring lyrics about getting moving and the sound of heavy bass music. The track matches Jantsen’s known style perfectly, throwing in some drum-n-bass work and fun ascending synthesizers. Next comes a collaboration with Balkan Bump, “Step in Time,” a song which can best be described as having harnessed the sound of lasers. This tune is akin to a non-stop thrill ride, throwing listeners into the drop quickly and leaving them there to rage until it’s over.

Of the four tracks on the EP, two have been released already: “Blazin,'” with Chime, and “Got Dat” with TVBOO. “Blazin,'” already a fan favorite, is perhaps the most intensely energetic song on the record with masterfully crafted builds and a hard beat perfect for headbanging. “Got Dat” follows after with more drums, grime, and chop for a nasty, get-down tune to end on. “Got Dat” is by far the most versatile and expansive tune on the list, and well worth repeating to get the full experience.

While the songs may have vastly different co-creators, they all have Jantsen’s personal signature on them, and the EP is a complete work in itself. There’s no telling what’s next in store for the producer, but his career has begun to take off in recent years and is likely on a continuing upward swing. Listen to Gutter Juice below, out now on Circus Records.