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Re:Evolution Media’s ‘Re:Birth’ offers Conscious Music, Spiritual Art, and Holistic Vibes [Event Review]

Re:Evolution Media‘s first event in over six years took place last weekend in the heart of downtown Austin. Aptly-named “Re:Birth,” the gathering was a successful celebration of the human experience with visual art and dance movement as spiritual practice. With a pre-party extension the day prior, attendees were dosed with surprises and nourishing frequencies — call it a two-day festival of sorts.

Accompanied by this reunion, Nadis Warriors came together for their first live performance since going on hiatus six years ago. The triad act delivered a one of a kind experience as they unleashed classic originals, impressive covers, and live guest spots from Allen Aucoin of The Disco Biscuits and Josh Pearson of A Live One.

Founder of Re:Evolution Media and member of Nadis Warriors, Jason Hahn, prepared for a packed gathering filled with conscious music, live and immersive art, holistic vibes, creative vendors, and in return, a very lively crowd who resonated with dance moves.

I am an awe of the support in this continued vision and the ability to do what I love. Even this many years later, the outpouring of support is humbling.”

– Jason Hahn

Live Art

Empire was immersed in expressive art forms ranging from digital, mixed media, acrylic, oil, wire wrapping, flow arts, and jewelry creations. The venue was transformed into a captivating and extensive display of fine artistry that resembles the majority of Third Coast Visions’ live painters, added another magical dimension entirely. As the gathering progressed, it was inspiring to take notice of the live art evolving with each brush stroke that was sonically motivated throughout the event.

Android Jones wore a futuristic virtual reality headset that controlled his mapped projections as he engaged in mixing live visuals. Made possible by signaling and waving electronic gear on his fingertips, Android’s patented Microdose VR technology gave an overall lasting impression by pushing the boundaries of psychedelic visuals and stepping outside the norm. He mapped depth perspectives throughout the entire gathering as the crowd experienced fractals, still imagery, and digital innovation during a truly intimate, original, and imaginative undertaking.

Live visionary floral sculptor, Anthony Flowers, brought expansive beauty to the ceremony as he added floral arrangements as a symbolic spiritual practice. For anyone who’s witnessed Flowers live, the ritual is quite a unique and amusing sight. His presence was deliberate and intentional, but also alleviating and accomplished.

Vendors also featured an array of local Austin-based jewelry fabricators. Two hard working and dexterous creators who impressed were Cryptalogic and Mint Leaf Jewelry. These two comprised of finely detailed, engraved artistry that consists of pendants, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Fused with galactic and shimmering gem stones grown on Earth made for equally impressive designs that deserve an epic applause.

The outdoor space was visually creative, immersive, and aptly centered on a synergetic co-creation that took place. The theme of “Rebirth” was everywhere.

Live Painters displayed vibrant, ominous, and uplifting works that progressed in detail throughout the evening. Contributions were shared by Austin Sepulveda, Angela Meeks, Chelsea Schulz, Byron Aldridge, Chris Hughes, Christian Rodriguez, Dixon Gregory Stovall, Elaine Alonzo, Chance Roberts, Jon Imeson, Tourmaline Todd Shepherd, William Allan Ross, Elliott Rogers, Zander Lampkin, Tyler Ristow, and Todd Bot.

Music & Performance

Music performances consisted of live, electronic, and live-tronica music that ranged from downtempo to psybass and funk to rock n’ roll and disco. The music resonated throughout the entire evening with scheduling that was so on point in that there were no overlapping time slots. Attendees had the chance to fully experience every set in its entirety.

Opening performances by Bluetech, Desert Dwellers, Mr. Bill, Random Rab, Living Light, Bogtrotter, Mantoid, and more made for a memorable synchronicity. Each release was deeply felt and intentional as well as highly danceable and innovative. Energetic elevations abounded in the space as the entire crowd displayed resonance with the sounds through smiles, laugher, and genuine conversation.

Live dance performances by Bunny Starlight, Ishani Ishaya, Lotus Gray
John Gray, Jordan Remar, and Tonia Drymon expanded on the notion of dance as a celebration of dance. Each collaboration added to the overall live experience as they flowed and opened up their gifts of theatrical reflection.

Nadis Warriors‘ monumental come back, which consisted of pure psychedelia and funky frequencies, was a transcendent experience full of love. They performance was dosed in originality as they premiered “Life’s Salvation,” a luscious synth get-down with a rock groove which consisted of arpeggios, melodic insertions, and smooth transitions. Classic originals such as “Rebirth” were deeply felt and the band even took fans back to the seventies with a disco cover of The Bee Gee’s “Stayin Alive.” The band communicated supremely on stage with Allen Aucoin of The Disco Biscuits, with Josh Pearson’s solid input that also synced up quite nicely.

Bluetech‘s ominous, yet luminous set was hypnotic, rejuvenating, and truly something special. With the set that closed out the evening, the group brought an uplifting and energetic vibe that continued well into the night.

Desert Dwellers always bring forth a transcendent experience in their sets. Composed of tribal psybass fused in psychedelic trance, the California duo reflect lush, atmospheric landscape in varying tempos melodies.

Living Light‘s downtempo infused midtempo expression is always a lucid reflection of inspirational and transformative gestures. Bringing about purposeful intentions to her sonic canvas, Living Light never ceases to pour her soul through her music.

Bogtrotter played a mixture of originals and remixes through midtempo bass, psybass, and tripped-out sampling. Music full of effects blended well with his heavier bass approach, which kept the crowd engaged in slow and low moving momentum.

Mr. Bill absolutely destroyed the Parish at the pre-party with his heavily leaning bass performance. He made a deeper impact by fusing his beats with glitched-out IDM hits.

Random Rab knows how to make the crowd groove out and is a unique sound sculptor resembling tranquility. His lively energy showed off his veteran musicianship as he brought the crowd slowly in downtempo bliss.

Dr. Fameus, otherwise known as Allen Aucoin, put on quite the versatile experience. Rising from the Disco Biscuits, his solo addition consists of ranges in breakbeat patterns, drum and bass escapades, which fuse in more upbeat techno mixings as he provides a balancing effect in his transitions.

Mantoid fluidity makes for a profound staple in the local Austin scene. With a decidedly psychedelic approach to DJ’ing, he sparked the crowd’s attention with new found sounds and a synchronistic fx.

Holistic Vibes

A section of the outdoor space consisted of reiki healing, body work, and holistic realms. The grounds were transformed into a meditative space made for balancing energies and realigning the body’s centers. A place to reset/recharge, the space was held in between the main stage and indoor stage, which created an outdoor playground to explore beyond the music. Empire’s recent upgrades and renovation continue make it a leading venue in Austin.

“It’s definitely something I am passionate about,” Jason Hahn says of the event. “Again, all of the focus is on Rebirth. I took the past 6 yrs off fighting the opiate addiction epidemic, by opening a non 12 step holistic rehab Ripple, and outpatient center called Opiate Treatment Centers of America, educated other rehabs about importance of bringing science based treatments into their centers, meeting with members of Congress to push the opiate bill through, and finally opening a non narcotic pharmacy to give physicians a new approach to treating chronic pain.”

Hahn goes into a deeply personal account of why he chose to host Re:Birth. “Now that I feel I have done my purpose in that arena, I am ready to focus my energy on these events,” he says. “This time wiser, focused, and full of intention. Creating a space for people who want and envision a tribe of like minded souls, thriving, loving, dancing, and celebrating the trials and triumphs together. With the idea of transforming collectively to take this energy into their communities with inspiration to express themselves to their highest purpose.”

HT: LostinSound

Photography by Stephen Olker.