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Subtronics drops new ‘Cyclops Army’ EP named after his beloved fanbase

Subtronics has become known for producing all along the spectrums of dubstep, riddim, and, heavy bass. Now the Philadelphia-based producer, lesser-known under his given name, Jesse Kardon, has released a four-track EP that really stays true to keeping that vibe alive. Released on his newly-formed imprint, Cyclops Recordings, he delivers a monstrous new EP, Cyclops Army

The project’s leading track is dubbed “Cyclops Army,” which Subtronics named after his rapidly growing fanbase, and it’s chocked full of inclement chops and littered with heavy bass lines. The second track, “Glitch Fight,” has Subtronics’ signature turbulent sounds embedded into its core. The track has a very stompy riddim bass line underneath a top line that sounds very much like an actual glitch fight. Add in some heavily touched-up vocals and Galaga inspired video game samples and listeners are headed straight into the storm-tossed abyss.

Up next is “Loopholes” which begins with a more bouncy bass line as it gradually transitions into a more choppy one filled with hilarious vocal samples. Capping off the EP is “They Call Me,” a smoother bass composition with more rhythmic breaks. But, make no mistake, the song still contains its fair share of violent riddim death traps.