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Said The Sky delivers secret acoustic piano set deep in Sherwood Forest [WATCH]

Trevor Christiansen, aka Said The Sky, may very be one of electronic music’s most humble acts and it’s because of events like this. This past weekend, after delivering a stunning Thursday night set on Electric Forest‘s newly-designed Triploee stage, the Denver-based melodic mastermind stopped off inside Sherwood Forest to deliver a surprise set on one of the festival’s landmark installations: a modest piano set inside a clearing of Michigan pines.

The clearing has long been known as a meditative space where attendees can go to take a break from the loud excess noise and recollect. Once there, attendees routinely find Forest performers and talented attendees alike collaborating on impromptu inspired performances. When Christiansen decided to stop by on Saturday, June 29, he drew a notably sized crowd for an ultra-rare, first-of-its-kind set that has now reverberated across the web as a standout moment of Electric Forest 2019.

With a whole range of songs played from his own catalog, including a sing-a-long of his fan-favorite Owl City remix, now fans at home can see just Said The Sky is capturing the hearts of fans around the country.