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MUST WATCH: Top 5 fan-recorded tracks from Bassnectar’s Electric Forest set

This year marked Bassnectar‘s fifth headlining Electric Forest set and his fourth as one of the Michigan-based festival’s resident artists. The Insomniac and Madison House produced event invited Lorin Ashton, the head honcho behind the Bassnectar project, as a permanent resident after Pasquale Rotella saw his standout 2015 turnout. Over the years, Ashton has had an uncanny ability to top himself with every Forest set, but his 2019 showing was such an utter blowout that it made several statements.

First, Electric Forest is resoundingly Bassnectar’s festival now. Not only does one see a sea of Bassnectar garb from a vast majority of attendees around the JJ Double Ranch grounds, but Bassnectar was even spotted roaming the RV camp’s renegade bus stages during Mize’s Sunday morning sunrise set. It’s clear that Ashton feels a deep connection to the Forest and also to the rising DJ/producers that were homegrown from his very community.

Second, Bassnectar treats his Electric Forest sets like an added curated event, which have been dual weekends over the past two years. Not only does Ashton deliver an especially well thought-out Forest-themed sets time and time again, Bassnectar saw the single weekend format as a chance to jam-pack two weekends worth of rarities into one hour-and-a-half-long set. In 2019, it’s safe to say Ashton over delivered on the extremely rare tracks for which the Bassnectar community have long feigning. As a result, the energy of Ranch Arena on Saturday night feels exactly like the magic of a Bassnectar curated event.

Because of these two factors, we’ve sourced the top five most viral fan-recorded videos from Twitter that prove Bassnectar dropped a treasure trove of gems on the Electric Forest crowd. From rarities like “Frog Song,” “Sugarcube,” and “Empathy VIP” to Guns N Roses’ classic “Welcome To The Jungle” into “Heads Up (2011) Version,” to his fan-favorite remixes of “Fire” and “Genesis” and melodic originals like “Breathless” and “Irresistible Force,” Ashton dropped a bomb of gems on the Forest family.

As it stands, Electric Forest 2019 will likely go down as Bassnectar’s most coveted festival set of the year. However, with Ashton’s track record, he may very well smash that at Camp Bisco next month, another festival where’s he is pretty much an informal resident already.

To view Bassnectar’s full 2019 playlist, click here.

1) Bassnectar – Frog Song (Opener)

Last played: Camp Bisco, 2017

2) Mars Leon – Fire (Bassnectar Remix)

Last played: Freestyle Sessions, 2017

3) Run DMT – Sugarcube (Bassnectar Remix)

Last played: BassCenter XI, 2018

4) Northern Cree Singers- Indomitable (DJ Shub- Made In America sample) (MLK Great Revolution speech)

Last played: Be Interactive, 2018

5) Bassnectar – Heads Up (2011 Version) [with “Welcome to the Jungle” lead in]

Last played: Camp Bisco, 2017 (with Biggie Small’s “Hypnotize” a capella)

Honorable Mention: Decap – Yeah (Bassnectar Edit)

Last played: NYE 360 Greensboro, 2019