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Thriftworks, Nahko address sexual assault/misconduct allegations

In light of a third-string of allegations made against Space Jesus, and more against Bassnectar, which effectively caused him to step down, the #MeToo Movement seems to be ramping back up against powerful males in the music industry. In the latest round of accusations to come from a series of women towards Thriftworks and Nahko, each pointing to varied allegations ranging from rape and sexual assault to criminal misconduct at the hands of the two entertainers.

In the claims against Thriftworks, a female stated she ended up in the green room at a Space Jesus, Thriftworks, and Esseks show and, later in the night, found herself and her friends at an afterparty with Jake Atlas (aka Thirftworks). When she propositioned the DJ for some cocaine, she claims he pulled out a different baggie that was “not the same baggie he was using that night.” She goes onto state, “I was drugged and raped. Regardless of the drugs, I was far too drunk to even give consent.”

Thriftworks issued a statement following the allegations: “I have NOT and will never even CONSIDER sexual assault – this goes against who I am as a human being.” He admits to having sex with the woman, although plausibly denies drugging her. Thirftworks continues,

“I was extremely intoxicated as well, and take responsibility for that fully. However the event that occurred to my understanding were completely consensual – I would NEVER carry a substance on me with the means to purposefully assault women That claim is baffling to me – I don’t do anesthetics, and more would I utilize them with malicious intent.”

In the claims against Nahko, one woman compiled multiple accounts of Nahko not necessarily engaging in sexual assault, but criminal misconduct and sexual deviance. The claims do call into serious question the veracity of Nahko’s character and behavior patterns. Nahko stated, “all the unfounded claims of criminal misconduct are completely untrue. These are false allegations and I refute them entirely.” Nahko’s official statement continues,

“That being said, whilst I have not done anything illegal, it is absolutely true that my behavior and choices have caused a lot of pain. I have let down, broken the trust and berayed the sovereignty of many women who have graced my life with their presence and light. I now clearly understand that being a musician and community leader is a privilege. A privilege which I have misused.”

There you have it. Two more nails in the coffin. We want to be clear that Conscious Electronic stands with the victims of sexual abuse and will monitor the stories closely as they unfold.

Allegations against Thriftworks:

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Allegations against Nahko:

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