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Bassnectar announces hiatus over sexual misconduct allegations: ‘I thought I was a feminist, who was actually just disrespecting women’ [UPDATED]

Following recent allegations of sexual misconduct, Bassnectar took to social media just a few minutes ago to formally announce he is taking an indefinite hiatus from music. The statement reads,

“I am stepping back from my career and I am stepping down from my position of power and privilege in this community because I want to take responsibility and accountability,” he wrote. “I feel intense compassion for anyone I may have hurt. I truly hope you allow me a chance to work together toward healing. The rumors you are hearing are untrue, but I realize some of my past actions have caused pain, and I am deeply sorry,” he continued. “I am handing off our nonprofit Be Interactive to a diverse team to continue without my involvement moving forward. Sometime in the future I may share more thoughts on these matters, but for now, please take care of each other and I wish you all the brightest future.”

The announcement follows Bassnectar’s response to numerous allegations of sexual misconduct that appeared on an Instagram account, @evidenceagainstbassnectar.

“I have never been involved in anything that was not absolutely, unequivocally consensual,” Bassnectar said to his Facebook fan community, Love Here, on June 29. “During a time when high profile men are being called out for their violence against women, I am proud to be an ally of women and stand in solidarity with victims. Thank you to all those who are listening to real victims of abuse and standing to support women.”

[UPDATE: Saturday, July 4, 3:12pm CT]: Listen to a new audio recording obtained of Bassnectar to surface today, where Lorin Ashton goes in depth about his actions. Whether the clip was obtained with or without Ashton’s consent or knowledge is unclear.

“I take full responsibility. I never imagined how reckless and mindless and irresponsible I was abusing my power while I felt self-righteous. I thought I was a feminist, who was actually just disrespecting women. I thought I was setting an example. But at the same time, it’s just this blurred line and my main thing was, knowing that I have the potential to have had hurt people, I am literally calling out to anyone in the world who feels like I have hurt them, guy or girl, and I am not only quitting Bassnectar. I can never tour again. I am now unemployed an devoted to apologizing and making up to anyone I’ve hurt.”

[UPDATE: Sunday, July 5, 1:11pm CT]

One female has come forth with a credible series of events that points to Lorin Ashton’s predatory grooming behaviors and manipulation tactics. Read the full statement here.