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Zes meets the true version of himself in new EP, ‘Somewhere in the Middle’

Making his debut on bitbird early 2020, Zes has been gradually showcasing his evolution as an artist these past few months, with each single becoming a bit more indie, a bit less electronic, and a bit closer to Zes’ true self. Now, at the end of disclosing his road to self-development, Zes amazes on his newest EP, Somewhere in the Middle.

Opening the EP with his early 2020 releases in chronological order, the EP tells Zes’ journey from a fragile mental state of unhealthy physical and emotional patterns to a stable, balanced state of inner peace rooted in self-love. Supported by pages of profound lyrics, beautiful acoustic instruments and meaningful electronic sounds, each song on the EP represents a step in this journey and the curiosity and uncertainty of these steps, as well as Zes’ development as an artist.

“In each of the five tracks, I set out to create sonic pockets of deeper meaning by returning to my roots in acoustic instrumentation,” Zes shares on the translation of his journey of self-development. “Whenever the soul-searching developments became too abstract to explain in words, I was able to translate these feelings through sonic representations.”

The EP adds two new songs to the collection. “Avenue” to Zes represents a safe haven keeping him grounded through life. A comforting and calm state of mind where he can be at peace and see things from a holistic perspective. “Closeby” showcases Zes opening up to deeper relationships with the people around him, and both the love and fear of loss this deepness entails.