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Android Jones releases Samskara soundtrack

Dive into the enchanting world of Samskara with the newly-released soundtrack.

A widely-acclaimed digital artist, Android Jones is known for his immersive art experiences that travel around the country and globe, including festivals like Sonic Bloom, Oregon Eclipse, and Lost Lands. His towering installations have been featured at Burning Man, which gave him one of his first international platforms. In addition, Jones’ Microdose VR simulator has been used in the live, 2D visuals of Bassnectar, Tipper, and CloZee, to name a few. The Microdose VR, which features the visionary in virtual reality guiding the on-screen visuals that the audience sees, is a critical component to Samskara.

Samskara is “a 3D immersive experience narrating the Vedic truths” through the work of Android Jones, in partnership with FulldomeLab. This 360-dome experience, spanning roughly 20 minutes, has been a hit at transcendental music festivals since 2015 and is only just making its way into major festivals this year.

Sitting under a curved-like planetarium screen, Samskara audiences are taken through a 3D-kaleidoscopic world full of psychedelic visuals, landscapes, and Jones’ famous artwork characters inspired by the ancient Sanskrit texts or Vedas. Throughout the full audio-visual experience, viewers fall deeper and deeper into the crevasses of their minds. This is thanks, in part, to a soundtrack of all-instrumental electronic music guiding the way—from organic tones and bright atmospheres to glitchy textures and dark, ominous bass lines. 

“This is like being inside one of my paintings,” says Android Jones. “You’re not looking through the window at a painting, it’s like you become part of it, you’re the main character in it as it is happening all around you.”

Audiences can now experience the soundtrack of Samskara all over again. The ending credits of the Samskara live show features music composed by Tipper, Little Moth, Stanislav Shalaginov, and Abhiram Thakur. However, the soundtrack is composed solely by frequent Android Jones collaborator, Tipper.

Samskara debuted at the Fiske Fulldome Film Festival 2015 in Boulder, Colorado, where it won the Best Short Film award. Now the traveling exhibition currently has a home at Wisdome LA, where patrons can experience not only the 360 show, but the interactive Microdose VR experiences, art galleries, and more.

Samskara is also now available to full dome theaters worldwide. Check your local movie listings and learn more about Samskara here.