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CloZee plays guitar in her home Room Service set

MUST LISTEN: CloZee releases ID-laden live stream set from Room Service Music Festival

One of the many, many character elements that makes CloZee so wonderful is how the French bass-glitch goddess is consistently releasing her live sets in high quality audio for all the world to revel in time and again. From her Lollapalooza set from last summer to her annual Envision sunrise set back in February, CloZee is never stingy about gifting fans with her gourmet beats. More recently, the Toulouse native was invited onto The Nations’ wildly successful Room Service online music festival.

The stream itself touted some of dance music’s biggest stars and subsequently raised over $135 in charitable donations. CloZee’s slot was set in prime time with thousands tuning into the popular Trap Nation YouTube channel from across the world. Clocking in at just under an hour, CloZee covers the full gamet of her catalog as well as what songs she’s currently vibing with.

Ripe with CloZinger tracks, her latest track with Opiuo, the fan-favorite organic collaboration between her and Charlesthefirst, and three original IDs of her own, CloZee lays down the law on her Room Service set. She even uses “I ain’t happy I’m feeling glad” by Gorillaz as a thread in the track titled “Rome In Silver – ID (Clint Eastwood).” The set provided a complete contrast to her earlier-in-the-weekend Zoom-hosted set in the weekend when she played morningside in France while half of her stateside fanbase was suddenly kicked off the stream.

The wonderful thing about CloZee is her ability to string sets together into a larger journey. Room Service is just on more piece of the puzzle that keeps fans yearning for more of CloZee’s sultry sonics and world-infused beats. Given how the nature of “live sets” means something completely different than it did in pre-Coronavirus pandemic days, her latest mix embodies the spirits of our age of the live stream.


CloZee – Aurora
Minnesota – Snake Charmer
CloZee – The Path To Heaven (Supertask Remix)
CloZee – Black Panther
Kumarion – Want It
CloZee – Harmony
CloZee – Secret Place
Mura Masa – Tough On You (WVLF flip)
Rippps, Niels Broos, Hyroglifics – Composure
Ganja White Night – Chak Chel (CloZee Remix)
Barbatuques – Baiana (CloZee Remix 2.0)
Giraffage – Earth
CloZee – Koto
CloZee – ID
Rome In Silver – ID (Clint Eastwood)
CloZee – Our Voices
Opiuo & CloZee – Bam Bam
CharlestheFirst & CloZee – The Mist
L*o*J – Move Through The Jungle
Milano – Dark Energy
CloZee – ID
CloZee – ID
Of The Trees – Spanish Moss
CloZinger – Royal
CloZee – Red Forest
Daggz – Free Your Mind
Cloudsz – Lucid
Apashe feat. Wasiu – Majesty (CloZee Remix)