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Rising Bass Spotlight: um.. dips heavily experimental on four-track ‘not sick’ EP via Deadbeats

Here at Conscious Electronic, we love all things bass — breakbeat, downtempo, left-field, experimental, dubstep in all its forms, you name it. As the underground bass movement has begun its full ascendancy in the US, we’ve been keeping a finger on the pulse of up-and-coming bass artists the country over. As such, CE’Rising Bass Spotlight seeks to shine a light onto the rising producers who’re honing their craft, galvanizing their movements, and attuning eyes, ears, heads, and bodies into all things low end.

For fans of underground bass music, or music that is highly experimental in general, um.. is a name that most people readily recognize. The duo has become more widely noticed under the helm of Zeds Dead‘s tastemaking label, Deadbeats, showing up at Dead Rocks and their respective label tour. They’ve since been tapped by Minnesota and Boogie T for official remixes, along with Excision, playing last year’s Lost Lands and the upcoming edition of Bass Canyon, which is still up in the air.


um.. plays Triploee stage of Electric Forest.

Now um.. has released their newest EP in the form of a budding and playful project called not sick, out now on Deadbeats. Weighing in at four tracks, the EP features murky low ends, unexpected percussive tricks, biting 808s, and eery lo-fi textures. From the wonky terrains of the title track and haunting low ends of “nightcap” to the scattered breakbeats on “blank” and the gooey basslines on “murky,” the entire EP is a heavy experiment in just that… full-on, unbridled experimentation. It’s the kind of weird and wonderful bass music that we here at CE just swoon over.