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Chumra Divergence cover art

Chmura traverses the Wormhole & rips right into the soul on new four-track EP, ‘Divergence’

Cover artwork: Actualize.

By its purely scientific understanding, wormholes are fantastically unstable.

Even a single photon passing through the wormhole triggers a catastrophic tear that rips the wormhole apart. However, a healthy dose of negative mass (yes, that’s matter but with an opposite weight) can counteract the destabilizing effects of regular matter trying to pass through the wormhole—thus, making the wormhole traversable. That’s Chmura by any measure, at least on his latest four-track EP, Divergence, which traverses into the musical other-world of Wormhole Music Group.

Layering lush harmonies and cinematic melodies over deep wubs, crunchy sound design, and tribal rhythms, Divergence proves by its sheer intellect and artistry that music can transport us to worlds beyond the material here-and-now. It’s this space in our imaginations that Chmura seeks to navigate as he guides his listeners into the blissful, meditative kind of state that becomes a one-way ticket to the spiritual realm.

Yet, the Vermont native isn’t forceful about it. Through his own authentic music-making experience, Chmura guides his listeners in a way that is relatable, digestible, and transformative. For Chmura, it’s just about Being. Authentically. Present. Therein lays the key into traversing lightly across the wormhole/portal way into realms unknown, rather than being ripped and torn to shreds by it.

A true sonic explorer, otherworldly traveler, and space-time jumper, Chmura carves his own sound out of the abyss and gives us a beautiful take on bass music that is all his own. Whether it’s the EP opener alongside huck.jorris and Retnuh, “Ataraxy,” with its stillness and ultimate calm in the present, the glitchy downtempo of the Daggz-assisted track, “Transmutation,” or the Eastern lullaby tones and soothing comedown of “Celestine” with Josh Teed, Divergence is itself a gateway portal key.

Like a roadmap, a guide, or a doorway of sorts, one listen to Chmura’s EP and you will find yourself right there in the express lane of the ethereal highway. Stream Chmura’s Divergence EP, out now on Wormhole.

Chmura – Divergence EP

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