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Watch Petit Biscuit’s music video for ‘We Were Young’

At 19 years old, French musician Mehdi Benjelloun has already had a lifetime of world experiences as Petit Biscuit. The success of his debut EP in 2016 propelled him to the global spotlight and he has been producing music and touring at a feverish pace ever since. Now his second single of 2019, “We Were Young,” has an accompanying music video.

While still young by industry standards, Petit Biscuit belies an uncommon maturity with the message behind this tune. Revolving around a love that is “too innocent to exist,” the surrealistic video features a pair of wax-made lovers living in a dreamlike world. As it reaches a climax and conclusion, a melancholy feeling breaks through the otherwise upbeat sound of the song. Wax begins to melt and things begin to disintegrate, much the same way that young love fades.

The acting, directing, and music work together beautifully to create a tactile sense of nostalgia. Uplifting melodic progressions weave into a distinctly eerie visual background, making for a slightly unsettling but relatable feeling of confusion and love lost. Directed by JP Cooper, the video features Petit Biscuit as well as French actors Marilyn Lima and Rod Paradot.