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MUST LISTEN: SubDocta releases 4-track ‘Swonkle’ EP on SubCarbon

Nevadan bass master Subdocta has done it once again. Crisp sound design paired with ground-shaking bass has energized the growing West Coast Wobble movement around his intense 4-track EP, Swonkle. Perhaps inconsequentially, the new EP coincides with the two big earthquakes that rattled the ground in California in the days before Swonkle‘s release.

The project, available on Ganja White Night‘s SubCarbon label, is both tightly produced and unpredictable, featuring plenty of melodic motion, strange sound and vocal effects, and blistering bass riffs. Subdocta, Ganja White Night, along with the entire gang of SubCarbon mates, Boogie T, Dirt Monkey, and Subtronics, are well known for featuring throwback classic reggae influences in their dubstep tunes, as producers did when the genre first emerged years ago. Yet, SubDocta does so in a way here that signals a fully matured next step in his artistic evolution.

Filled with head-nodding rhythms, body-moving grooves, and reggae-inspired horns and samples, this record is both an homage to a classic sound and a bold step forward in the dubstep world. Effortless, controlled, and subdued, rather than resorting to all-out mayhem, is what makes Swonkle come across as masterful, purposeful, and intentional.