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Tycho’s highly-anticipated ‘Weather’ LP reaches new heights with ambient vocalist Saint Sinner [Album Review]

The long wait is over for fans across the world as Scott Hansen, the creative genius behind the Tycho project, releases an 8-track album that puts his latest record trilogy to rest. The first was of course 2016’s Epoch. Hansen’s newest Weather LP embodies revolutionary change for the Tycho project, steering his music in a new lyrical direction while staying true to his unique roots and visionary production methods. 

Leading up to the full release of Weather, Hansen shared “Easy” along with the Saint Sinner-assisted tracks, “Pink & Blue” and “Japan.” The string of single releases showed fans the new album’s trajectory would be dusted with serene vocals along with immersive visual accompaniments. It would ark a distinct shift in Tycho’s largely ambient, instrumental oeuvre. 

Composer and vocal goddess, Saint Sinner, is featured on five of the eight tracks, bringing life to Hansen’s vision of integrating vocals into his well-known instrumental style. Sinner’s vocals shine bright in this album gelling flawlessly with the compelling rhythms. “Skate” and “For How Long” stretch Tycho’s obscure genre into the realm of soothing jazz and indie-folk making these a must-add on the coffee shop playlist.

Alongside “Easy,” the album’s other instrumental tracks, “Into the Woods” and “Weather,” repesctively take listeners back to the Past Is Prologue days with structurally sound melodies but a much smoother, softer approach. The team behind Weather expands the scope of what the Tycho project is capable of curating. The album symbolizes a new beginning for Hansen’s vision as he embarks on a world tour, with details being announced soon.