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Gryffin announces nationwide Gravity II tour

Dan Griffith, aka Gryffin, has been taking his career to the next level this year. Collaborating with a ton of different artists, launching a successful tour, and announcing an album coming this summer have all been checked off the list so far. Now, on the heels of the successful Gravity tour, Gryffin has unveiled the Gravity II tour, slated to begin in Los Angeles in October.

The six-track Gravity Pt. 1 was released in 2018 and featured several beautiful collaborations with different vocalists. It was well-received and helped spur the success of the original tour. His formula of releasing a catchy single and having multiple producers remix it for an EP has been working very well, most recently with his instant hit “All You Need To Know.” A collaborative effort with SLANDER, the song was given the remix treatment six times and the EP was released in June.

Beginning and ending in his native California, the tour will see Gryffin stopping in dozens of cities across the US. It’s looking as if there’s no slowing down on his music career, and we’re excited to hear the album that will accompany the tour. Check out dates and tickets here.

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