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Of The Trees shares ‘Odds And Ends’ mixtape filled with all unreleased music

We called it last year. CE named Of The Trees one of the Artists To Watch in 2019 and he’s certainly lived up to that standard. After signing with Madison House early in the year, the Maine-based producer has catapulted himself to new levels in the underground bass scene. Not long after he releasing his Tanglewood EP, Of The Trees took to his swift growing fan community on Facebook to share a new mixtape he’s had in the works. The 23-minute mix is filled with all-unheard music that “will probably never see the light of day.” Throughout the chill organic bass selections, he even takes the time to give some background commentary between each track.

Of The Trees says of the mixtape, “These songs are special to me but I could never find a proper home for them. Little commentary from me thrown in for guidance. Happy holidays…!”

Stream the private mixtape on SoundCloud. Free download is available via Dropbox.


00:00 – intro

01:20 – liquid drum n bass thing

05:04 – interlude 1

05:42 – druid

09:17 – interlude 2

10:10 – most people x travis scott bootleg thing

12:32 – spin the wheel again ft. chrome knight

13:20 – call out my name (weeknd cover by ruku)

15:25 – right now ft. chrome knight

16:24 – slippin ft. chrome knight

17:40 – Tanglewood (garagey VIP)