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Darude’s ‘Sandstorm’ turns 20 years old today

Back in the good ole’ days of nineties warehouse raves, one song took “ravers” by the coattails: Darude‘s now-classic “Sandstorm.” It was a time when promoters were throwing illegal underground parties, when dance music wasn’t sitting in the commercial mainstream, and when “EDM” wasn’t even coined as a term yet. The song, released originally in 1999, has withstood the test of time.

Even today, Darude’s classic anthem still gets played on mainstages across the world as an ode to beginnings of dance music culture.  Now, as “Sandstorm” turns 20 years old, the tune is easily one of the most recognizable songs in dance music history.

The single was first released in Finland at the turn of the millennium as the lead single from Darude’s debut studio album, Before The Storm. This was a time when the world was concerned about the Y2K bug shutting the world’s computers down and causing a global shutdown. Laughable as it may seem now, the irony is that an electronic song like “Sandstorm” was released worldwide in the year 2000. “Sandstorm” climbed to the top of the charts at a record pace, hitting number one in the UK, among others.

Now fans are celebrating two decades of the all-instrumental trance track. Darude was arguably the first producer who can lay claim to the world’s first successful EDM track to crossover into the commercial pop-mainstream. Especially at a time when the masses thought “music should have words,” and when producers sat backseat to pop star singers, it surely is an impressive feat.