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ODESZA is officially back in the studio

ODESZA hasn’t released a new studio full-length in over two years, and the Seattle-based duo hasn’t released a new original song since their A Moment Apart (Deluxe Edition) LP release last November. Around the same time, Clayton Knight actually revealed in a radio interview that the two were feeling the need to stop touring and start producing again.

“We’ve been thinking about new music,” said Knight. “Not really a record. We’re kind of ready to reinvent ourselves again. Take time without a goal in mind & just try new music.”

While that was a year’s time ago, fans in the ODESZA community have been itching for new material. So it’s not entirely clear whether the pair are sitting down for a new album or just sitting down to experiment. Even if that were the case, it would be rad if they had a Flume-like year of just one-off releases).

In any case, the two delighted fans today with a humourous tweet showing them back in the studio, captioned, “just figured out how to turn this thing on.”

If a new album is on the horizon, fans can likely anticipate a new album from the duo in early-mid 2021 with the first single due out sometime mid-late next year. Considering ODESZA has a pattern of releasing their albums in September, we’re willing to go out on a limb and say first weekend in September 2021.