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Tycho just released A vibrant new single, ‘Easy’

Today’s a good day for all the Tycho fans across the world. Scott Hansen, the mastermind behind the band, released his newest single “Easy” which is nothing short of sensational. This track gives listeners a hint of what’s to come with the new album set to arrive later this year.

The classic albums Dive, Awake, and Epoch served as Tycho’s last massive project. This was a perfected trilogy of art that wrapped up in 2016 leaving fans with three years of remixes and a hint of original music, including the single “Jetty” released in November 2018.

Tycho opened up on Twitter about the future of his journey with music:

After a trilogy of records spent exploring the outer reaches of experience I am focusing inward to reveal a human side to the music… ‘Easy’ is about coming to terms with my past and defining a clear vision moving forward.  It’s a comforting voice that reminds you not to get so lost in the work, but to take it easy and enjoy the ride. ‘Easy’ is the bridge to the future.

“Easy” encompasses the signature Tycho sound, with an ambient melody, soft female vocals by Saint Sinner, and a downtempo beat. Sinner’s warm-toned humming and simple notes make this track exceptionally pleasant to the ear. The utilization of multiple instruments is alive and well to complete the Tycho style.

Fans worldwide are thrilled to have a glimpse at the piece of art being shared in full later this year.