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Listen to Jai Wolf’s debut album, ‘The Cure to Loneliness’

Artists are ever-evolving, some falling out of their groove and some hitting the jackpot. Sajeeb Saha, also known as Jai Wolf, released his debut album The Cure To Loneliness that markedly shows the brilliant evolution of style, attitude, and confidence.

The album is rich with 12 songs tastefully created to shake listeners with lighthearted and profound emotions of bliss. In this collection, Jai Wolf offers a fresh blend of indie, rock, and downtempo beats with his signature melodic sound. Each track is independent to the next yet they all coalesce to paint an effortless picture of joyful transcendence.


In the track “Lose My Mind,” featuring Mr Gabriel, it is evident that Jai Wolf has an ear for transforming simple electronic beats into an alternative rock execution. This feel-good, summer’s day vibe continues on in “Still Sleeping” and “Your Way” ft. Day Wave. The catchy lyrics throughout the album will have listeners singing along for days.

For the fans who admire the classic sounds of “Indian Summer,” the single that sent Jai Wolf down the path of fame, the track “Telepathy” on the new album is sure to fit those musical needs. Every tune aforementioned and all the ones in between were clearly thought out and mastered to perfection.

If the release of the new album isn’t thrilling enough, Jai Wolf is going on a two-month North American tour starting April 17. Check to see if the eye-opening experience is coming to a city near you here.