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Sam Gellaitry is prolific with his cinematic 12-track LP, ‘Viewfinder Vol 1: Phosphene’ [STREAM]

Sam Gellaitry is truly in a class of his own. He’s produced a slew of genre-defying, head-nodding records and shows no sign of slowing down. With a sound that swerves easily from futuristic to retro and back again, he’s inspired legions of young new producers and breathed inspiration into the works of veteran artists around the world. Mixing the melancholy and the ecstatic, the lighthearted and the dramatic, Gellaitry has always managed to squeeze a tremendous amount of emotion out of each one of his songs.

Viewfinder Vol 1: Phosphene is a continuation on this theme and a triumphant expression of all the things that make his sound so unique and wonderful. It’s hard to determine where each song ends and the next begins, so carefully and deliberately woven is the fabric of this album. Soaring, vivid instrumental landscapes are laid over swelling and liquid basslines to create a feeling of surreality. With the exception of the penultimate track, “Explanation,” the 12-track effort is entirely instrumental, only offering brief snatches of the human voice throughout.

After offering a series of EPs, singles and remixes over the past few years, Sam Gellaitry’s full-length debut is a fantastic and emphatic addition to his catalogue. It is sure to cement his legacy as an influential electronic music producer, and is a breathtaking sonic journey that will be resonating for some time.