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Subtronics unveils genre-bending record label, Cyclops Recordings

Following a mysteriously viral social media campaign, Subtronics has pulled back the curtain on his next huge venture.

Over the last few weeks, an array of fairly cryptic emails from a certain dubstep producer have been circulating across social media networks, primarily across the Twittersphere. With the email being sent from a conglomeration of hieroglyphics and alien-like symbols with no known source, many people deep in the bass music scene were left in awe and bewilderment at what these messages were. Was it an industry prank? Have aliens finally decided to make contact with humans through underground dubstep DJs?

As turns out, this cryptic email was an ingenious PR-stunt by none other than the riddim-bass producer Jesse Kardon, or as he’s more widely known, Subtronics.

The goal of the campaign was to build hype and recruit talent for his then-unannounced bass music imprint, Cyclops Recordings. Certainly, the promotional aesthetic was on-par for the types of sounds and wubs the Cyclops Army is prone to. Now that the Philadelphia-based artist has officially announced the new and aptly-titled banner, Kardon promises the label will be curating the most forward-thinking and inspiring bass tracks that will bend genres and build sonic wonderlands.

Enter: Cyclops Recordings

Following a massive come-up after his GRiZ-assisted track “Griztronics,” the only logical next step would be for Kardon to begin to give a platform to artists in the underground and provide an even larger audience for this new wave of talented bass producers. Subtronics’ very first label compilation, titled Boot Camp, is set to land on December 11 and will feature over 20 artists, including the sounds of EAZYBAKED, Phonon, MOLOKAI, and Subtronics himself. The full project will be a three-part series, no doubt, and released across three different chapters: High Knees Headquarters, Psychedelic Division, and Heavy Artillery.

One might even predict the three titles nod to an all-too-common theme going on in bass music lately—with Subsidia RecordsDawn, Dusk, and Night as well as Wakaan with their downtempo-focused sister label, SSKWAN. Could it be that these three labels, all from well-revered bass music producers, are mining the future of the bass music genre at large? In any case, it may be safe to say that bass music may be nearing its peak at the “big room” genre.

Be sure to pre-save the the first installment of Cyclops Recordings’ Boot Camp compilation here and check out the entire label roster & track list below.

Boot Camp Tracklist:

Subtronics – Tractor Beam
Akeos – Makura
Syzy – Poison Muffins
AI Ross – Malfunktion
phonon x MAD Dubz – Wheel Up
Leotrix – Dissatisfied
Chee x Subtronics – Point Breeze
EAZYBAKED x MOLOKAI x Saka – Killjoy
Abelation – Killin’ Em
Smith. – Swing
G-Space x Caveman – On The Block
BLVNKSPVCE – Component 17
Kill Feed – Foolish
Control Freak x Vanfleet – Water Weight
Calcium – Deathwish
Jiqui – OTM
Nosphere – Gaussian Traveler
LEVEL UP – Satan Works Alone
Subtronics – Scream Saver VIP

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