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Enter Excision’s futuristic safe-haven city: Stream CE’s ‘Step into Subsidia’ playlist

When Excision announced his new label launch with Subsidia Records this past weekend, the internet world became flooded with viral excitement from headbangers. Not only did the announcement give credence to the sheer size and scale of Excision’s following, but it also cemented the bass music mogul’s legacy for years to come. Upon releasing three gargantuan bass-filled label compilations, Excision sat down for an exclusive interview with Forbes to go in-depth on the label’s meaning, mission, and story.

Excision used the interview to position Subsidia as much more than a record label. Thematically and visually, Subsidia is a safe-haven city for all those who love bass. While the rest of society is sheltered in a simulated world that delivers all of their wants and needs, Subsidians have chosen to be free and are empowered to create their own experiences in the real world.

The idea of a city really resonated because when we throw festivals like Lost Lands for 40,000 people, we are literally a small bass music city for a few days. Subsidia is kind of a fictional representation of that—a mental escape to discover your favorite art and connect with like-minded people.”

Excision to Forbes Magazine

Out of the three compilations—Dawn: Vol. 1, Dusk: Vol. 1, and Night: Vol. 1—over 110 records were born into Subsidia all overnight. To release such a massive conglomeration of bass all in one day is groundbreaking—nay, earth-shattering—to say the very least. It is also enough to make even the hardest railer’s brain spin. Therefore, we’ve funneled the daunting amount of Subsidia releases into one easy-listening playlist for a much easier pill to swallow. Enter: CE‘s “Step Into Subsidia” playlist to gradually wet one’s pallet over 40 tracks.

Carefully selected by CE‘s curation team, the playlist listens like a journey between heavy rifts and deep fissures, across towering peaks and expansive valleys, through winding trails and sprawling meadows. With every twist and turn, listeners eventually circle back to the heart of Subsidia city-center. All trails lead back home, after all. “Dawn leans more melodic, Dusk is more experimental bass and Night features the heaviest tracks,” Excision explains of the curation.

I spend a ton of time listening to and searching for innovators all over the scene. I consider it one of the most important parts of my job,” Excision continued. “When my tour had to be stopped in March, I suddenly had extra time on my hands to dive deep and listen to thousands of songs per week, from artists small and large. I was lucky enough to find a lot of unsigned gems…each representing a different style within bass music.”

The playlist begins subtle and beautiful with tracks from Dawn: Vol. 1, with Excision,  Wooli, and HALIENE‘s “Erase You,” Sullivan King‘s “Lifeless,” Wales and Micah Martin’s “So Long,” and more. Before long, as listeners reach the last hours of daylight on Dusk: Vol. 1, the playlist gleans more experimental, trippy, and left-field. Here is where wonkier selections come to bear their true weirdness—from GAWM‘s “Mad About” and Carbin‘s “Lose It,” to Space Wizard and CVPTVGON‘s “Xtra Healthy” to Jantsen‘s “Nasty,” and more.

Then comes the nightfall when the heaviest of tracks comes crawling out of the woodwork with Jeanie and Jinx‘s “Doomsday,” DirtySnatcha and MATT DOE‘s “More Than This,” YOOKiE‘s “Nuclear,” and many more. Check out Conscious Electronic‘s carefully-curated Subsidia playlist below.

Also, check out Excision’s voter registration contest to win two free VIP tickets to Lost Lands or Bass Canyon.

Conscious Electronic – “Step to Subsidia: All trails lead home”

Via: Forbes.

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