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Excision reveals all on Susidia + win 2 free VIP tickets to Bass Canyon or Lost Lands

Enter to win Excision’s contest by checking your voter registration status.

Following yesterday’s gargantuan three-part album compilation release, Excision‘s newly-minted Subsidia Records is off to quite the start. The bass music mogul (real name Jeff Abel) introduced Subsidia in an animated video he played on Friday, September 25, before his live stream set for Couch Lands Episode 3. Consisting almost entirely of Subsidia tracks, the closing evening set marked Excision’s first digital performance of 2020.

However, Excision wants the masses to know that Subsidia is more than a record label. Visually and thematically, Subsidia is a futuristic haven city for all those who love bass. While the rest of society is sheltered in a simulated world that delivers all of their wants and needs, Subsidians have chosen to be free and are empowered to create their own experiences in the real world. In an exclusive Forbes interview, Abel expanded on the inspiration behind Subsidia, curating three full label compilations, Lost Lands as the highlight of his career, the current state of bass music, and more.

There are so many different kinds of sounds coming out right now from artists of all sizes, ranging from aggressive and energetic to soft and full of emotion. So for me, this label is a way to celebrate the diversity of the genre and to give a platform to artists who are really innovating.”

Excision to Forbes Magazine

Abel goes onto breakdown Subsidia’s meaning: “SUB – From subwoofer, which makes you actually feel the music, not just hear it;” “SUBSID – The Latin root word meaning help or aid,” whether its helping people express themselves and release intense emotions or helping artists grow their careers and expand their sound; and “IA – These letters make the word sound like a city.”

“It [Subsidia] brings a sense of community—it’s a place to visit or escape to whenever you want,” Excision elaborates. “We will expand on the backstory of Subsidia over time through our releases. In a sense, the city has just been founded and is now being built by all of our fans.”

Abel also used the Forbes feature to stress the importance of voting ahead of the next major four-year election, which is taking place now until November 2, 2020. “I really want everyone who reads this to register to vote. This goes for every country in the world,” Excision said in the interview. Last month, Excision announced plans to give away two (2) free VIP passes to Lost Lands or Bass Canyon in order to raise awareness around registering to vote. Now, and over the next full month, that message becomes even more potent than ever.

There is so much discussion over changes that we want to make in the world, which is great, but so many young people who I care about don’t vote. Even if you don’t think the person you want to win will win or will win without your vote, more young people voting will show politicians that they need to create policies that benefit young people to try and get your votes in the future.”

Excision to Forbes Magazine

Fans can enter by simply checking their voter registration via Excision’s Headcount.org link. One winner will be randomly selected after the October 1 deadline.

Via: Forbes.

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