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Getter is revolutionizing his sound with mau5trap, announces debut ‘Visceral’ album in new teaser video

Getter’s newest studio album, dubbed Visceral, has been two long years in the making.

Getter is preparing to take the biggest leap of his career. To much fan retaliation, the 25-year-old producer has been talking about becoming tired of the heavy dubstep sound stamp his name rests upon. But now he’s taking the beginning steps to build something entirely new and entirely refreshing by the sound of it.

Earlier this summer, Getter teased fans with an official taste of his new album. However, there was never any mention of mau5trap at the time. After linking up with deadmau5 at a video game conference, the two technical masterminds hit it off to swell degree. Discussion over Getter’s next album ensued and what followed was an agreement about how the album’s situation onto Zimmerman’s imprint seemed like a natural fit.

Taking a much-needed departure from his eccentric “Shred Collective” stylings, Getter has begun exploring a new variety of deeper, eclectic sounds in his next full-length album’s body of work. Dubbed Visceral, the LP seeks arrangements that are more technically reflective of the kind of productions fans have come to expect from mau5trap artists. It’s much more effortless and subdued.

Usually extremely vocal, Getter has remained relatively quiet regarding the direction his music has been taking. Silence, as they say, is golden; and it proves that the producer has really buckled down to hone in on himself creatively and focus on this pivotal, career-altering next work.

Primed for it’s long-awaited world debut, Visceral marks a revolutionizing shift in Getter’s sound design and what seems like a triumphant next move in his career. The album sees it’s debut release via mau5trap on September 28.