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Stream Subsidia Records’ three jam-packed compilations + Excision’s label-defining ‘Subsidia Mix 2020’

Excision (Jeff Abel) had a particularly career-defining weekend when he virtually headlined Couch Lands 3, announced his brand new imprint in Subsidia Records, and trended on Twitter as a result. Now, just days after all the media attention, Abel and his label mates have released a brand new, three-part label compilation totaling a whopping 118 new songs. It’s a momentous effort that has been months—if not years—in the making. Moreover, it’s a huge statement to be making right now, considering the changing landscape of bass music at the current historical moment.

Creatively, I think bass music is in its golden age, and in a live setting, it’s selling more tickets than ever before (in normal times).

Excision to Forbes Magazine

The multi-sound label will host three different subdivisions of bass within it, which many bass music aficionados would likely see as the triangulated stasis of the genre itself: heavy head-banging bass, wonky and wobbly bass, and melodic feel-good bass. To showcase the newly-minted label’s diversity, Excision today releases three distinct compilation albums from over 100 artists: Dusk, Night, and Dawn

Night is home to the “heaviest bangers,” which naturally comes in as the longest LP of the three. With a gargantuan 62 tracks in total, this one could itself be a three-, four-, or five-part on its own. With heavy bass artists like YOOKiE, Excision and PhaseOne, Kompany, Chime, Au5, Jeanie, and many more Lost Lands favorites contributing to the bunch, Night is a bonafide banger album that represents the spinal column of the imprint.

Night is when people go out, really want to party and release all their pent up energy from the day,” Excision told Forbes on the inspiration behind the naming process. “So the louder, heavier artists made the most sense there.”

Dusk showcases the wonky and wobbly side of experimental bass with tracks from Ray Volpe, Kaivon, LICK, Jantsen, and more. Standouts on the LP include Space Wizard and CVPTVGON‘s “Xtra Healthy,” Cyber G‘s “Vortex,” and Ruvlo and AfterMyFall’s “On My Own.” As for the label’s focus on the more experimental side, Excision told Forbes:

Dusk is the time of day when golden hour hits, and then the sky turns all different colors at sunset. It also looks very different each day—no two sunsets are the same. So bass that is more experimental, trippy or left-field seemed appropriate for Dusk.”

Dawn hosts the more melodic and lyrical bass tracks, rounding out the three compilations. This 17-track collection features Excision, Wooli, and HALIENE‘s “Erase You,” Sullivan King‘s venture into the lighter sounds on “Lifeless,” and Ahee and Ruby Chase’s “Under The Sun,” to name a few standouts. “Melodic bass feels bright and refreshing, like stepping outside after waking up in the morning. So Dawn worked best for that,” Excision said.

Listen to all three compilations and Excision’s 82-minute label mix below.

Subsidia Records – Dusk Vol. 1

Subsidia Records – Night Vol. 1

Subsidia Records – Dawn Vol. 1

Excision – Subsidia Mix 2020

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