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Gear up for a triple album compilation release from Excision’s newly-minted label, Subsidia Records

Photo credit: Rukes.

Excision has been un unstoppable force in the bass music world for the better part of a decade. Now the dubstep mogul is turning things up a notch with the launch of his brand new label, Subsidia Records. A fine title for a heavy bass-focused imprint. The announcement was teased in the lead up to Couch Lands, which is going on right now, and was officially announced by Excision himself during last night’s live stream.

Marking the emergence of the new label, Excision and friends will be three compilation albums, Night Vol. 1Dusk: Vol. 1, and Dawn: Vol. 1, set to land on Monday, September 28. Clocking in at a whopping 118 tracks, the triple LP release will each focus on a specific style of bass music. Dusk will be centered around the heavy, rail-riding dubstep bangers. Night will explore the wobbly, wonky, experimental bass sounds, a newer enterprise for the Excision brand. Dawn taps into the emotional, melodic bass sounds that will resemble an Excision Detox set.

I’ve always supported diversity and creativity in as many ways as possible, and a new label felt like the best way to do that.”


Already, one track has been announced with Excision and Dion Timmer’s “Necromancer,” which will surely be arriving on Dusk. Beyond that, no more details on whom is on the compilation package. Although, it shouldn’t be too hard to take an educated guess considering Excision keeps his production posse close under his wing. Pro tip: Just peak at any Lost Lands or Couch Lands line-up.

Additionally, Excision will be celebrating the debut of the newly-minted label with the release of the Excision Subsidia Mix 2020. Watch the Subsidia Recordsannouncement video below, pre-save the Dusk, Night, and Dawn compilations on Spotify.

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