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Autograf return from three-year creative hiatus on soulful new EP, ‘Love & Retrograde’

For years, Autograf cultivated a thriving fanbase with their eclectic house-infused sound that bordered on indietronica in the live space. Now, for the first time in three years, the group has released their next extended play project, aptly titled Love & Retrograde. Also for the first time ever, the release marks the first time Autograf is no longer a trio.

The remaining members of Autograf, Mikul Wing and Louis Kha, have spoken publicly about the personal and professional struggles they’ve undergone over the past few years. All of those hardships are documented on the soulful 5-track EP.

“We know we’ve been quiet lately, but it’s almost time to drop out first EP in 3 years,” Autograf explained in an Instagram post detailing their recent creative drought. “We’ve faced personal hardships since our Future Soul EP was released…These misfortunes helped us grow as a group and reignited our love and passion for music. The songs we created in this dusk have brought so much joy and love into our lives. This creative catalyst has propelled us to construct our Love & Retrograde EP.”

From the kaleidoscopic bass lines and grooving synths of the previously released tracks, “Hold Me Back,” featuring John Splithoff, and the Griswolds-assisted “Casual Love,” to the addition of three more tracks, including a somber standout with WYNN, the entire EP is a journey into pain and heartbreak and cycling back around to upbeat joy. Above all, Love & Retrograde is raw, resilient, and honest. Not to mention, a bold and beautiful statement from what’s to come from the duo.