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Tycho’s third Saint Sinner-assisted track signals another dual release, ‘Japan’ [WATCH]

Eminent visionary Scott Hansen, also known as Tycho, is back again with new music for the masses. The anticipation continues to build for the release of Tycho’s new album coming later this year, which Hansen announced this past April with the Saint Sinner-assisted single, “Easy.”

After releasing the Deluxe version of the renowned Epoch album in the earlier part of year, Hansen then released the album’s second single, “Pink & Blue,” a track which also featured Saint Sinner. The track came with the announcement of his forthcoming album’s title in Weather, along with an accompanying world tour.

Tycho’s newest release, titled “Japan,” features Saint Sinner’s serene vocals yet again, written by herself, as well as a B-side instrumental version catering to all fans with this new approach. The aim of the instrumental version of “Japan” was to go beyond simply removing the song’s vocals to experiment with a completely new arrangement style using different melodies and instrumentation. “I wanted to explore the idea of approaching songs from two entirely different perspectives,” Hansen expressed.

“I had just returned from spending some time in Hakone, Japan with my wife’s Japanese relatives,” Tycho’s Scott Hansen said about the making of the track in an Instagram post. “I was thinking a lot about the kinds of electronic music instruments I had been using when I first started making music in the late ’90s. With ‘Japan,’ I was trying to recapture a part of that sound and combine it with the imagery and experiences from my trip to Hakone. I sent the song to Hannah with nothing more than the title of ‘Japan,’ and she wrote all of the lyrics.”

The two tracks, while similar and yet completely different, prove Tycho is a mastermind of transforming his worldly travels into an audible journey through sound.

The lyrical music video for “Japan” explores psychedelic waveforms and stark contrasts, while the instrumental accompaniment takes those concepts a bit deeper into the abyss. Together, they tell a full story. Both were directed by dear friend and visual artist Charles Bergquist. The pair have worked closely over the years, including collaborating on the incredible Ascension video released six years ago.

Tycho’s Weather LP is due out July 12 on Mom+Pop/NinjaTune.