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Listen to Tycho’s deluxe version of 2016’s ‘Epoch’ LP, ft. Luttrell, Poolside, more

The ambient, intelligent dance artist Tycho is a pure example of what evolution of talent and independent growth resembles. At the end of November 2018, he released “Jetty” leaving fans to believe this was potentially the last new tune to jam out to until the unveiling of a new album in 2019.

Tycho surprised his devoted fans with a deluxe version of his Epoch LP released in 2016, including remixes of some of his most classic songs “Horizon,” “Division,” and “Epoch.” The Poolside remix of “Horizon” brings a funky alternative essence to the traditional mellow sound Tycho is praised for. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s rendition of “Division” brings listeners to a melodic state of mind with Tipper-esque synths floating in the background, while Heathered Pearls remix caters to the chill house lovers. The “Epoch” remix done by the skilled house producer Luttrell, kicks the original up a notch with a traditional house beat.

The Epoch (Deluxe Version) LP serves as a farewell for Tycho and his family at Ghostly International, the label he has been releasing music under for the last 12 years. This album will hold listeners over until the beginning of his new journey begins with the release of a long-awaited album coming later this year.