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Okeechobee bought by Insomniac, Florida festival set to return for 2020

When the news of Okeechobee‘s cancellation struck late last year, many were left heartbroken. Attendees and fans wanted answers. How could another large multi-genre festival be heading towards the chopping block? Was this a foreboding sign of EDM’s bubble burst? Then Soundslinger LLC, the festival’s parent company, spoke up announcing return of the festival in 2020. Now the festival seems to be delivering on its promise for next year.

An anonymous source recently reported to Mix 247 that Okeechobee was not only returning, but that it would be produced in part by Insomniac EventsYourEDM also independently confirmed the news through their own inside sources, reporting that Insomniac had bought a controlling share of the Bassnectar-led festival. The buy-out makes Insmoniac lay claim to two Florida-based festivals now, which means that radius clauses likely won’t be an issue for electronic dance music acts booked to both Okeechobee and EDC Orlando moving forward.

Featured photo: Eric Allen PhotoSource: Mix247. H/T: YourEDM.