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Okeechobee responds to 2019 cancellation, hints at 2020 return

Amidst rumors of an impending cancellation of Okeechobee Music Festival next year, the life of Florida’s premiere spring time festival hung in the balance. Then, everyone’s worst fears were confirmed when the official minutes of the Okeechobee County Board of Commissioners’ meeting revealed “[t]here will be no [f]estival in 2019.”

With their backs up against the wall, it was high time for Okeechobee to face the music — or about-face rather. Despite telling fans to “hang tight,” and getting a lot of hopes up in the process, organizers were forced to make the call no promoter ever wants to make. Taking to Facebook, they finally gave an official statement that their fourth annual gathering is not in the cards.

However, organizers did leave the hanging promise that Okeechobee will be back. “While the OMF portal won’t be opening in 2019, we’re looking forward to March 2020, and we can’t wait to see you again,” they said in the statement.

While Okeechobee has not been forthcoming with reasons for the cancellation, others have certainly filled in the blanks. The Festive Owl reported that Okeechobee’s parent company, Soundslinger, “had folded,” sparking speculations of financial troubles.

Considering how successful the festival was right out of the gate in March of 2016, Okeechobee’s cancellation surely couldn’t have been easy call to make. But given how the widespread unofficial rumors have dominated the news cycles and online forums these past few months, there is definitely a market ready and waiting for OMF’s triumphant return.