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Tycho announces new album + accompanying World tour, releases new single in ‘Pink & Blue’ ft. Saint Sinner

Scott Hansen isn’t just busy playing out in Black Rock Desert 24/7. The avid burner, who runs around the playa as Tycho gifting his amazingly resilient sunrise sets, is working hard the rest of the year laying down new sounds and expanding his sonic oeuvre. Still, it’s been three years since the world has seen a new Tycho album in 2016’s Epoch, which was released with complete surprise.

More recently, Tycho has delivered a Deluxe version of Epoch and has also released a single, titled “Easy.” But all that pales in comparison to Hansen’s recent news, which came today paired with the release of his Saint Sinner-assisted single, “Pink & Blue.”

The track is a signature chilled-out Tycho production, which floats around Saint Sinner’s soothing, aerated vocals. The band, whose collaborated with Tycho two other times, will join the electronic artist as he jet-sets around the world this year in July and September, with more 2020 dates in February and March.

The Weather world tour comes in support of Tycho’s incoming Weather LP, which is set for a July 12 release. “This is an entirely new journey for me as an artist,” says Hansen of the album and accompanying tour, which will see him everywhere from Denver and Los Angeles to Sydney, Denmark, and Belgium next year.

Listen to “Pink & Blue” below and read more about Tycho’s forthcoming full-length effort below. Buy tickets to the Weather world tour here.