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Elohim’s 7-track ‘Braindead’ EP is a manuscript on mental health awareness

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so it’s fitting that Elohim just unveiled her new Braindead EP, which doubles as a musical manuscript on mental health awareness. Known for being an advocate for mental health, Elohim has been very open about about her own personal struggles in an effort to help others, and herself, heal. Additionally, all of the proceeds are being donated to different charities and organizations that support mental health.

Elohim takes listeners on a riveting spiritual journey with this musical masterpiece. There are seven unique tracks with each one telling its own story within the story. Beginning with powerful lyrics in the song’s very first rack, Elohim says: “Imagine you’re running through the jungle and a lion is chasing you. You’re running your ass off and you can’t get away. The lion is anxiety. You’re going to learn how to go through the jungle, see the lion, and tell the lion to sit down,” which transitions into the first harmonic set of pitches.

Th Braindead EP has so many highs and lows both musically and emotionally, which lends itself metaphorically to the rollercoaster of life. It’s a beautiful musical narrative on living with anxiety and depression, as well as coping with them using medication after meditation. Perhaps the most unique offering about the project are the Breathwork videos Elohim provides for each of the seven tracks, which are all available on YouTube. She’s also started a mini-documentary series, talking about the EP and more on her experiences with sustaining her own mental health.