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Watch unseen full set footage from Daft Punk’s infamous 2007 Alive show

French duo Daft Punk has been fairly quiet over the last few years, a far cry from the peak of their success as house producers. After over a decade of hits and increasing fame came their 2007 Alive tour, by far one of their biggest fan-favorite memories to date.

While the rumor mill has been excitedly wondering about the return of Daft Punk, fans can wet their whistles in a different way: with a full, HD video recording of an Alive performance. Shot at the 2007 Vegoose Festival in Las Vegas, the beautifully filmed and edited footage highlights the best parts of their iconic show. Whether you witnessed it live, have listened to the mix, or are newer to Daft Punk, all can enjoy it and relive a bygone era of dance music at its best.

Watch below, and stay tuned for any future Daft Punk news.

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