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NURKO enlists RØRY on stirring new single, ‘Better Off Lonely’

Blossoming producer Nurko continues to build momentum throughout 2020 with each subsequent release in his catalogue. Hot off the heels of his recent Ophelia collaboration with Trivecta, “You Can Be My Light,” Nurko returns with an enthralling new single, “Better Off Lonely” featuring RØRY. The single possesses all of the qualities the melodic bass producer has become known for with his enchanting soundscapes.

 “The second I heard the chorus of Røry’s demo of ‘Better off Lonely,’ I knew I needed to work with this vocal,” says Nurko in a press release. “The lyrics are very emotional yet catchy and a lot of people can relate to them. I wanted to build a song that matches the same emotion of her vocals, which is why I used her voice as the lead synth in the drop.”

Opening with a soothingly beautiful melody, the song highlights the emotional nature of the vocals before cascading into a hypnotizing melodic bassline. Pulling on the heartstrings of the listener, the lyrics explore the depths of heartbreak and loneliness. “I imagined the song structure resembling the emotional stages of a recent breakup,” Nurko continues, “denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.”

The graceful electronic production effortlessly builds into an edgy multifaceted soundscape, showcasing Nurko’s ever-evolving signature sound. The vocals and production harmoniously come together to provide the listener with an all-encompassing audio experience. The four-and-a-half-minute release shines as a thoughtful addition to Nurko’s catalog.

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