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DSV Audio’s ‘Rebirth’ compilation uses the power of dubstep to promote mental health awareness

Serving as today’s bass music tastemakers, DSV Audio has had their finger on the pulse of cutting-edge bass music artists for quite some time. Now the UK-based record label has released a thoughtful new phase with the debut of their Rebirth compilation. Featuring a collection of the finest dubstep and bass music that the scene has to offer, Rebirth showcases artists of all magnitudes. Each record from the compilation offers a distinctive soundscape while forming a cohesive unit.

Fully aware of the modern-day mental health issues being faced by countless individuals
around the world, and in particular the creative industry, DSV Audio has decided to take it upon themselves to focus on this pressing matter by giving back. The people at DSV Audio understand the magnitude of shedding light on critical issues such as suicide awareness as the matter is deeply personal to them. In a concerted effort to raise awareness around suicide, the esteemed label will be donating 50 percent of all album proceeds to UK mental health charity, SANE.

DSV Audio is a family-run, independent imprint with deeply established roots in the bass and dubstep music scene. What began as a promotional channel just a few short years ago, DSV has seen major changes since its inception in 2015. Moving into a full-service music label in 2017, they’ve consistently given artists a conduit through which they can release their music, whether they’re an established act or an up-and-comer in the scene.

Currently, the innovative UK based team diligently operates as a bass-centric music label. DSV Audio has previously followed a standard release structure with individual singles and EP’s until announcing a small hiatus in February 2020 to work on a larger project. DSVAudio now enters an important new chapter as they prepare for the release of their largest and most impactful project yet.

DSV Audio – DSV 2020: Rebirth