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LSDREAM’s 11-track ‘RENEGADES OF LIGHT’ will take you down a rabbit-hole of third-eye awakening [Album Review]

As Brillz’s unique psybass alias, LSDREAM may very well now be the new Wakaan favorite. The LA-based producer, known lesser by his given name, Sami Diament, decided to put twonk on the back-burner in favor of experimental left-field bass. It was in these psychedelic waveforms that he would craft his debut 10-track VOYAGER LP, released just last year on Liquid Stranger’s esteemed label. In hindsight, it’s a rabbit-hole trajectory that he’s probably really grateful he’s gone down.

Now LSDREAM has released his sophomore effort on Wakaan in the form of a stunning 11-track album, titled RENEGADES OF LIGHT. The entire project taps into an energetic frequency that we at Conscious Electronic naturally gravitate towards, which is why we’ve featured his ALCHEMY mix on our Midweek Mantra series. From already released tracks like the KAYOH-assisted “REKT,” “SHADOW SELF,” and “ETERNAL NOW” with Champagne Drip, to new standouts like the Varien-assisted “PHEONIX,” “I AM BASS,” and “OM NAMO” with Sarah Hudson, the entire project is a portal way into other-worldly dimensions only accessible through low-frequency bass.

Take the latter Sarah Hudson-assisted track as a case in point, “Om Namo.” LSDREAM utilizes ritualistic shamanic tones, like ohm chanting and the wooden flute, juxtaposing them with outer space synths and harmonized chords, to create his auditory canvas.

There is no past, there is no future, only now.” – LSDREAM, “Pheonix,” Track 8

RENEGADES OF LIGHT is an experimental opus of calming bass lines, spacey chords, robo-synths, vocal sampling and lyricism that border on spiritual awakening, and glimmering, hopeful tones that have the ability to turn bleak at the drop of a hat. More than any technical element, though, the album’s strongest feature is its uncanny ability to make listeners feel like they are shedding the ego from their very skins, leaving them stripped and bare. This is conscious music, through and through.

From the album opener in “HELLO HUMAN” all the way until the closing track, “ACE OF CUPS,” and everywhere in between, LSDREAM’s second studio album is a decidedly meditative experience, placing us into an out-of-body state-of-being only accessible through the third eye opening. LSDREAM is offering us a portal way into spiritual ascension and divine nonchalance.

As above, so below. Say the words, and make it so. Step into the light, color in the skies. I am magical” – LSDREAM, “White Magic,” Track 6

One can see it even at the surface level of style, e.g. in the album artwork’s use of planetary space illustrations and sacred geometrical shapes. It also exists at the deeper level of substance, e.g. in the album’s sampling and lyrics that speak to emotional intelligence, light beings, the ever-changing present, and manifestation.

Intentional and grounding, this is a piece of work that will go down in the Wakaan vault as one of the best albums to ever arise from the label. What LSDREAM has managed to unlock is a sonic frequency that feels effortless and natural, almost as if he was supposed to be making left-field bass music all along. Without a doubt, RENEGADES OF LIGHT is Diament’s best work to date.