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Circus Records is celebrating its birthday with 10 Years of Circus tour: Flux Pavilion, Doctor P, Conrank, DMVU & more

Birthdays are the best when you’re young. They tend to lose their sheen, however, the older one becomes, where age is just another lackluster notch on the belt loop of life. But If you’re a label, the opposite is the case. In such a volatile industry, where festivals die off every other month, and artist’s careers can be ruined at the drop of a tweet, reaching a decade of success as a record label is truly a stunning feat.

That’s why Circus Records is celebrating turning ten with it’s biggest tour to date, hitting a total of 19 shows with a selection of Circus artists. Flux Pavilion and Doctor P will lead the showcase, with Cookie Monsta and FuntCase alongside for the ride. But it is the tour’s undercard that truly draws the eye, making it seem more like a festival line-up than a tour stopping through town. Included in that are rising underground bass talents like Chime, Conrank, DMVU, Jayceeoh, Jessica Audiffred, Mark The Beast, KTRL, and many more.

The Grammy-nominated label will also be giving away a new track from every represented artist over the course of the year. The tour crosses North America beginning at Austin in May and ends September in Denver. Tickets and more information are available here.