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Adventure Club & Crankdat are a perfect production match on ‘Next Life,’ Krewella enlisted for vocals

The track sounds like it could be the next step in Adventure Club’s sonic evolution.

It’s no secret that Adventure Club had been resting on their laurels over the past couple of year, relying on the same sound that catapulted them to fame with “Wonder,” “Crash,” and the rest of their circa-2014 material from Calling All Heroes. They would circulate the same sounding catalog on tours that felt recycled, stale, and uninspired. 

Thankfully, Christian Srigley and Leighton James, the party boys behind the pioneering EDM duo, have taken a few years to reset and rehone their sound. In the process, they’ve begun releasing fresh Superheroes Anonymous mixes, they’ve collaborated with Snails, Modern Machine, and Jauz, and composed a stunning remix of Virtual Self’s “Ghost Voices.” Recent hitting the road on their Death Or Glory tour, it almost feels like the boys have a new album in the works—one that is bound to change the game.

Now the dubstep all-stars have released their first original track in over a year and it represents an Adventure Club that feels renewed and refocused. “Next Life,” out now on Ultra Music, is a co-produced effort with Crankdat, featuring words from Krewella. The track has the unmissable Adventure Club melodic bass sound, a dose of Crankdat’s top-notch production, and Krewella’s soaring vocals.

Krewella and Adventure Club previously collaborated on “Rise & Fall,” released back in 2012 when both acts were on the precipice of dance music stardom. Now, seven years later, the dynamic duos have returned to the studio together, alongside the help of Crankdat, whose added in some crunchy low-end bass lines

“We’ve been huge fans of Crankdat, it’s really dope that we were finally able to link up and make this happen,” says Leighton James of the track. “There was something about the way the track was shaping up, that it just felt like the perfect time and track to have some of our oldest and dearest friends Krewella hop on and really complete the song.”

Adventure Club are currently in the midst of their Death or Glory tour with support from some of bass music’s finest up and comers, including Wooli, Riot Ten, ARMNHMR, Dirt Monkey and more. Remaining tour date information can be found here.