Porter Robinson‘s latest side project may still be in it’s infancy, but that doesn’t stop artists from across the dance music spectrum from remixing every Virtual Self ditty under the sun. Now Adventure Club is the latest to join the ranks of Arty, Ratio, and even Porter himself in putting another unique spin on Virtual Self’s 2017 standout track, “Ghost Voices.”

The Canadian duo have recently returned from falling off the map with a recent teased version of the song during one of their live shows. The track begins steady and subdued, keeping with Virtual Self’s monumental synths and signature melody at the start. Then a deliberate, drum-lead build leads into a euphoric initial drop that sets the tone for the rest of Adventure Club’s heavy melodic treatment.

By adding subtle nuances to Virtual Self’s most recognizable masterpiece, it’s a remix that raises the creative bar for the countless DJs/producers attempting to remix “Ghost Voices.”



Written by Ryan Morse

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