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Spice up your life with the Spicy Bois’ hilarious new compilation album, ‘Spice World’

The Spicy Bois continue to showcase their strength in heavy, experimental bass sounds and their light-hearted personalities. In what can only be read as a hilariously campy new compilation album, Spicy Bois have enlisted some fan-favorite producers on the collective, along with some new Bois for a brand new 10-track LP, Spice World.

The album’s artwork is not only downright hilarious, with a play off of The Spice Girls’ 1997 hit record, “Spice Up Your Life,” it also signals a bit of a pastiche in how the Bois paste their ghoulish characters’ faces onto the iconic five-piece girl band of the nineties. With standouts from several Spicy Bois favorites—including Cnopes and Molokai‘s “Heffys,” synthe and shwiLLy’s “Anotha One,” and Big City and Camnah’s “Scoville”—the collaborations are hot, saucey, and extra spicy on this one… just how Sriracha fans love it!

Each artists’ contribution helps the compilation tell a story from start to finish. With new faces on the Collective, including HEIRZ, Fellsius, Smokestax, Holderr, Gehena, L*o*j, and Sacred Herb, be sure to listen to Spice World from beginning to end.

Spicy Bois – Spice World

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